"The Savage Empire" is an original self-produced pilot intended as a concept for a new television serial based on the look and feel of the 'Original Series.' With an eye for detail, the sets, props, costumes, and visual effects were all painstakingly reproduced by amateurs on a shoestring budget in exacting 1960's style.


The USS Exeter, freshly recrewed and commanded by Captain John Garrovick, is on a mission to save a ship infected with the deadly Canopus plague. The Exeter must travel to the homeworld of Andorian Lieutenant B'fuselek to find the cure. But Andorian rebels have other plans . . . and so do the Klingons!



  • Ensign Halley (Ben Hazen)
  • Junior communications officer (Mark Svara)
  • Commodore Jennings (Richard Lamanchikafka, credited as Mr Lamanchikafka)
  • Junior Science Officer (Clark Jones)
  • Engineer (Rolf Anderson)
  • Crewmen (Charles Hackett, Chris Cahoon, and Andy Heimstead)



  • Chang (played by Nathan Wolf)
  • Klingon lieutenant (played by Kegan Bader)
  • Klingon spy (played by Jeff Lynx)
  • Klingon guard (played by Jesse Johnson)




"Yes, I know you were just covering all your bets."
Garrovick to B'fuselek

Background informationEdit

  • James Culhane and Joshua Caleb are performer names for the producers, Jimm and Josh Johnson.
  • Ian McLean's scene as Senator Therin was videotaped in Sydney, Australia, on a camcorder. The tape was mailed to Jimm Johnson to be edited in as a special effect.

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