The Dominion turns to the past and brings Khan into the 24th Century. He is sent to retrieve the founders on earth. USS Baldwin captain Patrick Ingrum is tasked to keep an eye on him.

Memorable QuotesEdit

“Captain, we've approached the Jem'Hadar ship, but they are emitting some sort of chronotron radiation.”
“I didn't know they knew anything about time travel. Temporal investigations is going to love this, Sonya, follow them,”
Susan Cassoday and Jenna Carson, encountering the Dominion going back in time.

“Susan, Where — and when — are we.”
“We're near a nebula in the Mutara sector, but I don't have it on my star charts. According to astrometric readings, it Stardate 8141.5.”
“Back us up, now.”
(The nebula lights up like a newborn star)
“Congratulations, you guys just witnessed the Genesis Explosion.”
(The bridge officers give Jenna a puzzled look)
“Am I the only one who thought the history of James Kirk's USS Enterprise was an easy class?”
— Jenna Carson and Susan Cassoday, in 2285

“The wind-up, and the pitch. Swing at that, he lines it to right-center field, the second baseman picks it up. Does he make it in time – yes sir.”
Patrick Ingrum, doing a play-by-play

“Captain, I'm detecting a federation starship on long range sensors not on that patrol,”
“The Tien An Men?”
“I understand that the the Tien An Men was lost before the war, but the Dominion isn't known for capturing vessels. Why is this intact.”
Roslyn's last assignment was the Tien An Men. Since Dr. Murrow was trying to get her back –”
“He wanted the crew alive.”
Jaimie Petrelli, Patrick Ingrum, and Kristy Elias, detecting the Tien An Men.

“I heard that you have detected the Tien An Men.”
“News seems to travel fast.”
Roslyn and Patrick

“Tactical Alert. All hands — well, you know the drill.”
— Patrick, giving the order to engage the Tien An Men

“So, you've come to make sure I was still alive.”
“Sort of. The Jem'Hadar boarded, but then suddenly left. It doesn't appear that they have ransacked the place.”
“That's good. Isn't a little cold in here.”
“It may be a while before we have the heat back on,”
— Patrick Ingrum, Jenna Carson, and Sonya Fiehrer

“I guess if he has any quests for vengeance in the near future, he'll be after me. I just hope I'm ready.”
— Patrick Ingrum, mindful of the past.


USS Baldwin; founders; Ingrum, Patrick; Interphase cloaking device; Murrow, Alan; Mutara sector; USS Neosho; USS Ottawa; Singh, Khan Noonien; USS Tian An Men; Weyoun


  • This is the first story in USS Baldwin to feature Khan. He would continue to be a advisory for Baldwin's captain, making his next appearance in the opening story of the second "season", Storm Front.
  • An explanation for the recovery of the Tien An Men is provided to resolve the on-screen mention of her loss and presumed demise in DS9: "In the Cards" and her subsequent appearance in the First Battle of Chin'toka, seen in DS9: "Tears of the Prophets".
  • This is also the first, and so far only, appearance of a destruct sequence (real or decoy) in USS Baldwin.
  • Dr. Murrow would not make his next appearance until "Evolution"
  • Patrick's play-by-play is based on that by local broadcaster Tom Hedrick.


The Return of Khan Full text of the story, on the author's website.

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