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The Vulcan Restoration was a seventy-five year plan that was put in effect by Vulcan Administrator S'val. It had been a top secret operation unknown even the High Command. The operation was to conquer the Romulan Star Empire.

S'val believes Vulcan has fallen far from its former Greatness, and he believed that by Conquering the Romulans and ending the threat they posed the entire quadrant would welcome Vulcan back as one of the Three Great Powers.

However he knew that High Command would never see his logic, nor would the Federation sanction such an act. So the moment he achieved the title of Administrator he began to put his plan together. He surrounded himself with a group of high ranking military commanders who shared his logic. He then in secret set up a huge installation in the middle of the Cauldron Nebula; were using the raw materials of the local asteroid belt began construct in secret an large battle fleet. S'val and his followers then took several prominent minds of the Vulcan Science Academy to the installation where they formed a think tank. They began designing Vulcan's own cloaking array, stronger shielding, warp engines, and weapons; powerful weapons.

However when the Federation signed a peace treaty with the Romulan Star Empire S'val changed his tactics.

S'val gathered a number of representatives from several powerful galactic powers. This included the Breen Confederacy, of the Talarain Republic, and even the Cardassian Union. S'val began to secretly put together his military alliance one powerful enough to fight and defeat the combined strength of the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans.

A conspiracy also began to center around the Restoration. A series of events slowly and with seemingly no pattern began to occur all throughout the Alpha Quadrant.

  1. The Civil War of the Tholian Assembly
  2. The attempted Assassination of the Klingon Chancellor
  3. The increase of the Black Market weapons Sales
  4. The bombing of the Federation Embassy on Romulus
  5. Sudden outbreak of Kelorn disease on Andoria
  6. The Second occupation of Bajor by the Cardassian Union.

There are many more events similar to these, and they all have some similar connection that leads back to Vulcan.

It is unknown of how many people actually know of the Vulcan Restoration. However Counselor Sarkin of the USS Espial Grace has confessed to having been a former high ranking member in the Restoration. (Star Trek: Freedom)

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