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"The Primal Directive" is the second episode of the third season of the Star Trek: Valkyrie audio series.


While investigating an unexplored star system, a landing party from the Valkyrie comes under the influence of a mysterious alien device.

Main castEdit

Guest starringEdit

  • Irene Waites as Ve'Nor
  • Darren Marlar as Res'Tark
  • Bill MacKenzie as Ensign Pickler
  • Terry Self as Ensign Gomez
  • Marcy Xexelia as Naomi
  • Tina Anderson as Pa'Tor


  • Originally planned as the fourth episode of the second season. Due to script revisions, the story was pushed back to the third season.
  • The longest episode to date at 46 minutes.


"We come from a far away village, a little more advanced than here."
— Reed, to a native of Anthrac IV
"In the state you were in, a beautiful lady could've asked for the moon and you'd have tried to give it to her."
— Ravenwood


gas giant; Prime Directive; USS Valkyrie (NCC-2590)

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