"The Price Of Freedom" was the pilot episode of Star Trek: Minnesota. This was a double episode with a cliffhanger in between, separating the first and second part from each other.

Main CastEdit

  • PAUL WALKER as 'Cmdr. Cristopher Carter'
  • JOSH CHARLES as 'Lt. Cmdr. Daniel Rydell'
  • SHARON STONE as 'Dr. Corina Arazius'
  • MARK HARMON as 'Lt. Jonathan Nichols'
  • DAVID BOREANAZ as 'Lt. Clark Smith'
  • BRUCE BOXLEITNER as 'Lt. JG. Claude Gable'
  • ALEXANDRA LYDON as 'Counselor Jhamel'

Guest AppearancesEdit

Special GuestsEdit

  • KIEFER SUTHERLAND as 'Lt. Cmdr. Jack Bauer'
  • BRENT SPINER as 'Lt. Cmdr. Data'
  • NICOLE DeBOER as 'Lt. Michelle Tigan'

Other GuestsEdit

  • ALAN OPPENHEIMER as 'Captain Robert Wright'
  • AVRIL LAVIGNE as 'Lt. JG. Nicole DuBois'
  • ELISHA CUTHBERT as 'Ensign Caroline McKenzie'


Part IEdit

Data (2366)

Data has a guest appearance

USS Minnesota is docked at Starbase 11. Commander Cris Carter, the Minnesota's commanding officer, is looking out for additional senior staff since he's lacking occupation of some vital positions like chief of security and chief science officer. However, his efforts are temporarily stopped when Captain Robert Wright reveals to him that the Maquis is about to begin to pose a major threat to Starfleet.

After Ensign Caroline McKenzie gets kidnapped by a Starfleet officer named Sigurd Petterson, working for the Maquis, all the crew of USS Minnesota is getting investigated by Starfleet Intelligence special agent Lieutenant Commander Jack Bauer. Along with Jack Bauer, Lt. Commander Data is assigned to Minnesota for general assistance during the mission. While Data is helping out in engineering, Bauer is interviewing the crew, beginning with the senior staff. He finds out Corina Arazius, the chief medical officer, was surely not involved, so wasn't the chief engineer Michelle Tigan who suddenly committed suicide because of personal issues with her own past and present. Her successor Clark Smith as well as chief science officer Claude Gable and chief of security Jonathan Nichols didn't know anything about the Maquis plans either.

Part IIEdit


  • This marks the beginning of the romantic relationship between Jack Bauer and Corina Arazius.
  • We get to know that Cris Carter and Nicole DuBois know each other quite well for some time.

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