The Nothingness is a stellar phenomena located in the Oralian sector. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Overview Edit

Long ago the region of space which the phenomena known encompasses used to be under the sovereignty of the Cresentian's First Najh. Now it is a dead part of space that most ships cannot enter. Strangely, however, the only known inhabitants of the phenomena are a species known as the Camelyons.

Speculations Edit

Many of the Oralian sector civilizations have speculated over the formation of the phenomena. It is the source of much debate amongst many religious factions. The So'ja believe that it represents the second coming of Ba'gee the Guide, while the Kobalians see it as a sign of the end of the universe. No one really knows how the phenomena began or why it happened.

Starfleet exploration Edit

The only known Starfleet vessel to enter the phenomena was the USS Pioneer under the command of Captain Benjamin Kelsoe. The Pioneer's trip into the Nothingness was an result of a fluke accident that so far cannot be duplicated. ("The Nothingness")

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