"The Needs of the Plenty" was the eighty-ninth episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. The 3-part episode was published on The Trek BBS forums, one part at a time and is finished.


The Phoenix-X investigates the actions of the Traveling Link harassing the colony world of Gault.

Posting guideEdit

Part Posted Prod. Code Synopsis
Needs of the Plenty, Part I Feb 24 2015 PNX139_E089NA Cell admits to a secret of his being released. Meanwhile, the crew are sent to investigate a disturbance on Gault.
Needs of the Plenty, Part II Mar 05 2015 PNX139_E089NB Night Seifer questions Diggs, one of the changelings from The Traveling Link.
Needs of the Plenty, Part III Mar 16 2015 PNX139_E089NC The crew come up with a plan to lure the Traveling Link to the Phoenix-X. Meanwhile, Captain Cell's legal problems reach a tipping point.

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