"The Name of the Game" is the fifth episode of the third season of Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles.


En route to the Skaaro homeworld to help investigate terrorism by a rebel faction, the USS Prospect discovers more than one hidden agenda. In the meantime, Michael Greene finds love aboard the ship...

Background notesEdit

  • The original version of this story, as have all the other Prospect adventures, have been lost. The author is attempting to re-write them as fast as he can.
  • The episode is named for the ABBA song of the same name.


Athelstan, Jason; Directorate, The; Drever, Jennifer; Eriksson, Kari; Greene, John; Greene, Michael; Hahn Jun-Seok; Hunter, Kendall; Lansing, Anne; O'Donovan, Justin; Prospect, USS; Radke, Daniel; Skaaro; Skaaro homeworld; Stratos, George

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