The Maquis Volunteer was a space shanty popular in the late 24th century, immortalizing the Maquis rebellion. It was set to the tune of The Irish Volunteer, an old Irish song from the American Civil War era, and followed its stylistic patterns.

In the Pendragon timeline, verses were added to describe the Maquis participation in the Federation Civil War, and the song continued to be popular in the Colonial Alliance. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "The Good Fight", "Promised Land")


My name is Calvin Hudson, I'm a native of the Zone,
Was born on Earth, but came to space to make myself a home;
My family lived on Volan II, a world we loved so dear,
Until a treaty that was signed would give us cause to fear.
Come join the cause of freedom, so the Federation hears,
We'll fight the good fight 'til the last, like Maquis volunteers!

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