For the primary universe counterpart, see The Man.
The Man
Gender: male
Affiliation: Second Terran Empire

The Man was a mirror universe spy on the USS Majestic (NCC-5603). (Star Trek: Mirror Wars)

He took over the ship and an attempt to stop him was made by Helfner Berinski, Yukoy Debber, and Feril Salder but it failed when The Man called out to Helfner, somehow knowing he was there. He shot at Berinski, but missed, due to Berinski's special ability, and hit a console in the following attack. He fled, with Berinski behind him. Eventually, after engaging Berinski in a fight, he stole a shuttle and left the Majestic.

Later, after the Battle at Mirror Earth, he contacted The Emperor, at which point it was learned that they were good friends. It was hinted that The Man was the reason that the Second Terran Empire knew of Starfleet's attack. Also, The Emperor told The Man of a job that he was to do to destroy Starfleet

Physical appearanceEdit

Not much is known about his physical appearance. All that is known is that he had an X-shaped scar on his cheek and had the eyes of a killer (although this final fact is subject to opinion).

Background informationEdit

The only reason that this character may be the counterpart of The Man is because both men had "killer" eyes and an X-shaped scar on their cheeks.