For the mirror universe counterpart, see The Man (mirror).

The Man was a torturer who most likely worked for Starfleet, though a more secretive and dangerous part of it. (Star Trek: Mirror Wars)

For over a month, he tortured Blake Terval, but because Blake never gave any information away, Blake was intended to be killed. The Man convinced his "leaders" to give him more time to get information out of Blake. A little while later, a use for Blake arose, so it was hinted that The Man took him to the mirror universe. Later, it was revealed that Blake was taken to a ship and blindfolded. After about a day, The Man released Blake and told him to go down the hall, saying that he was going to release Blake, but that Blake had a job to do first.

Physical appearanceEdit

Not much was known about his physical appearance. All that is known is that he had an "X"-shaped scar on his cheek and the eyes of a killer (although this final fact is subject to interpretive opinion).

Background informationEdit

This character was believed to be The Man (mirror)'s counterpart because both men had "killer" eyes and an X-shaped scar on their cheeks.