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"The Light" is a fan-fiction short story by the pseudonymous jespah.

"The Light" is set aboard Enterprise (NX-01). When Ethan Shapiro, an observant Jewish crewman's relative, the long-lived Rachel Orenstein dies, his Jewish and non-Jewish shipmates help him assemble a minyan for a kaddish.

Ethan consults with official Starfleet Rabbi Leah Benson, who encourages him to invite Jewish crew members Karin Bernstein, Josh Rosen and Andrew Miller-NX01 to the service, and to supplement the number of participants with non-Jewish shipmates. These include Ethan's superior officer, Malcolm Reed, Captain Jonathan Archer, Doctor Phlox, Hoshi Sato, T'Pol and Muslim crew member Azar Hamidi.

The following day, the participants then celebrate Chanukah together.

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