"The Last Night of the Year" is a 12 page Tamerlane "Omake" written and illustrated by G.S.Davis

Episode TagEdit

"Some parents wait for the last night of the year, others fear it."

Episode SummaryEdit

A youthful Julienne Cochrane confronts a demon no parent ever wants to confront; the mortality of a child. Sarah Cochrane, Julie's young daughter, is remanded to Starfleet Medical because of a rare illness. In this 12 page story, the Cochrane family struggles to find out what really is the most important thing between father, mother and daughter.

Production NotesEdit

  • Omake 2 is written in a "Storybook" style, with dialogue and text provided in a side-bar-like box placed around full-page illustrations.
  • It is the first Tamerlane story to be produced in full-color.
  • This was also the first of the webcomics to use 3D rendered sets (Which were then drawn over and "painted" using computer photoediting software)

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