"The Ice of Andor" is the first episode of The Further Adventures of Star Trek: Unity (fan film series). It features Captain Lewis, Jimb'a & Eleanor as the crew, as they visit Andoria on their first mission since the USS Odyssey-A's refit following Star Trek: Rapture.

As the starship Odyssey launches for new adventures in the 24th century, Captain Lewis beams down to the Andorian homeworld, investigating an endangered species of alien animal and a dying woman. Will he be able to save them both?


Beaming aboard the newly refitted USS Odyssey-A, Captain Lewis greets Eleanor in the transporter room and after commenting on their distinct lack of regulation uniforms proceeds to the new main bridge, where Jimb'a explains their first mission: investigate why the horse-like Zabathu cattle on Andoria is vanishing. Getting underway, Lewis orders Eleanor to warp out of the drydock orbiting Earth without clearing the structure, an affront to the typical pomp and ceremony Starfleet forces upon departing starships.

Soon the Odyssey has reached Andoria and Lewis beams down to the icy surface. Exploring the landscape, he finds a herd of Zabathu and angers one of them by getting too close. After a chase back across the ice, the Zabathu triggers a device buried in the snow and is beamed away. Intrigued, Lewis discovers the device is s transporter tag and uses his sonic screwdriver to activate it so he, too, is beamed.

Lewis finds himself in a vast underground cavern near an Andorian subterranean city. An Andorian named Gerab arrives and immediately kills the captured Zabathu with a phaser before Lewis can act.

A while later, Lewis has beamed down some processing equipment for Gerab to use in dairy farming. Talla is conscious again and Gerab thanks Lewis for his help - giving the captain his robes as a gift. Lewis beams away, having built a snowman.


  • The main bridge of the USS Odyssey-A has changed since Star Trek: Rapture and is now a smaller, more traditional starship bridge, rather than a typical Galaxy-class area.
  • Though much of Andoria was achieved through green screen, the snowfall in England during December 2010 was taken advantage of for some shots.
  • The Zabathu were, of course, created in the PC game Spore.