"The Founders - Part 1" was the sixth episode of Star Trek: Dragon, written by Jon Wasik.


Captain Harriman and Commander Caft are on the holodeck when their simulation is cut short. The ship has detected an M-class planet near-by. When they arrive at the planet, they are met by a starship crewed by beings known as the Hintaru, this ship commanded by Carl Dutralium. Commander Dutralium explains that the few inhabitants on the planet's surface are those who were stranded in this part of the Galaxy when their starbase was somehow transported to the region of space. The station was destroyed, but the ships within had been saved, though there was not enough room to take their people back. They sent a distress signal to their homespace, relatively close, and were awaiting rescue ships.

Captain Harriman is then surprised to discover that they share a common enemy, the Vorkalai, and that the Hintaru had encountered and battle them many times, but always with heavy losses. When an armada of Vorkalai ships appear on long range sensors, Captain Harriman orders that design specs for the Quantum Torpedoes be transmitted to the Hintaru. The Hintaru then likewise share the location of their space, and encourage the Dragon to head there immediately.

Shortly after heading out, various crew members begin to go missing. The situation becomes worse when interstellar dust somehow penetrates the deflector dish and damages the Dragon. Commander Tarkent discovers that the loss in deflector capabilities was a result of tampering. During a briefing about the sabotage, Commander Caft's suppressed betazoid abilities suddenly flourish and she senses the presence of a strong-willed, malicious being.

A day later, a second crew member is reported missing, and Commander Caft reports to Captain Harriman that there are now two malicious beings present on the bridge. They surmise them to be Dominion Founders. They discover the two to have replaced Commander Tarkent and Counselor Latrael. Much to his crews' surprise, Captain Harriman uses a phaser to torture one of the Founders until it reveals the exact number of Founders and the plot to replace the entire command crew. Captain Harriman confines them and proceeds to enact a plan to stop them.

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