The Final Frontier was a forum-based RPG based after the conclusion of Star Trek and takes place in the Alternate Reality, during the beginning of the five-year mission of the USS Enterprise.

Origin and PremiseEdit

TFF was created as an off-shot of the latest Star Trek movie after it's release. After two boardwide events and a revamp, the site reopened. The site allowed players to create original characters to interact with the canon crew or re-imagine a canon in anyway they wanted to and play out the five-year mission. Players could also take part in boardwide events or sub-plots.


The year is 2258. Nero has been defeated. Kirk and his crew are heroes. But, the celebrations couldn't last forever. The USS Enterprise has been ordered to complete a five-year exploratory mission with Jim Kirk as her permanent captain. The surviving Vulcans are focused on the rebirth of their race with Spock Prime at the helm, and the Enterprise crew are to provide added security in New Vulcan air space during the Vulcans' relocation efforts. While it may sound like a simple enough task, a rogue band of Klingons have hijacked the IKS Gr'oth and are blazing a trail through the Alpha Quadrant, committing violent acts of piracy with unsettling ease. No one has opposed them. Yet. New Vulcan is now the target in the Klingons' crosshairs. The Vulcan refugees look like sitting ducks, but one thing stands in the way of the Gr'oth and that, is the Enterprise. Will she and her crew survive the wrath of a band of young, powerful Klingons long enough to explore the FINAL FRONTIER?

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