The Emperor
Species: human
Gender: male
Affiliation: Second Terran Empire
Rank: Emperor, commander-in-chief

The Emperor was the mysterious ruler of the Second Terran Empire in the mirror universe during the 27th century. (Star Trek: Mirror Wars)

The Emperor's past, like his name, was a mystery. Once in power he formulated a plan to attack to primary universe. When an Andorian tranquility group protested against the Emperor's plan he had them murdered by his personal security guard. The Emperor premeditated the first attack on the primary universe and was on a transport heading towards Vulcan, the first target of the Terran Empire's invasion.

Background informationEdit

It is not known when The Emperor became the Emperor and it is not known who the Emperor was between 2421 and 2602. (Though it is very possible "The Emperor" ruled before 2602, though it is very unlikely that he ruled as far back as 2421.)