Courage shall light the distant ages with her fire
That purified our souls of fear's desire;
She doth calm our sorrow, soothe our pain,
And she shall lead us back to peace again.

"The Distant Fire" is the fourth episode of the Star Trek: Pendragon series. After departing Cardassia, the crew of the USS Pendragon pays a visit to the refugee camps in the Volan system, and meets some familiar faces.


Coming soon.


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  • Expected publication date is March 2013.
  • This episode's title and theme are inspired by "Courage," a World War I era poem by Dyneley Hussey.
  • This episode lays the groundwork for several major story arcs that will come into play over the course of Star Trek: Pendragon, and lead into the eventual spin-off, Star Trek: Sons of Liberty.

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