A new hostile force threatens to put Commander Connor Burt, Lieutenant Norman Craig, and Ensign Tracy Carson in an alien zoo.


Kelsoe talks with Admiral John Hayes about the Tealuians holding Burt, Craig and Tracy and gets help from Starfleet and the So'ja Republic. Burt, Craig and Tracy’s ordeal continues. It is discovered that the Tealuians have a collection of many alien species and are trying to make Tracy select a mate. When the help from the Starfleet, the USS Victory and the USS Forester, something strange happens. Captain Thomas Reese of the Victory ignores his orders from Admiral Hayes and takes control. Can Kelsoe stop Reese and rescue Burt, Craig and Tracy?

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"Look, I've got to know. Who would you have chose?"
Norman Craig wanting to know between Commander Burt and himself, who Tracy would have chosen as a mate in the Tealuian zoo.


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