The Captain's Table is a mysterious extradimensional bar, run by an equally-enigmatic being known only as "Cap." Only captains (or people who were at a time acting captains) are entitled to enter the establishment. Traditionally, new captains are brought to the bar by their friends or former commanding officers; Captain Picard introduced Captain Riker upon his promotion. (Star Trek: The Captain's Table)

The bar appears to exist in another dimension. Captains from various points in time and space can inhabit the bar together, and its door - visible only to captains - can appear anywhere around the galaxy. It appeared to Captain Kathryn Janeway while on an away mission in the Delta Quadrant, but but could not be seen by Tom Paris at the same time. The door likewise appeared to the young M'k'n'zy on planet Xenex, and even to the captain of the RMS Titanic just after his vessel struck the infamous iceberg which sunk her. (TCT novels: Fire Ship, Once Burned)

Drinks in the bar are provided free of any monetary charge; the "payment" required by the proprietor is for the captain to tell a story to the rest of the patrons. This story does not necessarily have to be about the captain, nor does it have to be true. Once in the mid-22nd century, Captain Archer entertained the bar with a suspense-filled (and plainly false) tale of his first meeting with "Porthos the Great", portraying the beagle as a famous spy-dog. (Star Trek: Tales from the Captain's Table)

Captain Timothy Sinclair entered the bar inadvertantly during his hunt for Steve Tecklenberg in 2381. The bar's entrance appeared on Pacifica in 2385 where Brady Thornton, Steve Tecklenberg and Jack Hayes told stories about Sinclair. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "The Captain's Table: Bearers of the Light", "The Captain's Table: Cloud of Witnesses")

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