The Best of Trek–From the Magazine for Star Trek Fans (Volume 1) was the first volume of the "best of" Trek magazine, first published in April 1978 under the Signet imprint of New American Library.

The Best of Trek #1 contained more of a real-world perspective than many other Best of Trek volumes, with several articles focusing on Star Trek behind the scenes, featuring interviews with TOS cast members, among them two by eminent Star Trek reference book author James Van Hise.

The volume was also notable for suggesting histories of the Romulans and Klingons, releasing the popular fanon name "Kazh" in the case of the latter (chapter 2).



  1. "Star Trek: Then and Now" - by G.B. Love
  2. "The Klingons: Their History and Empire" - Leslie Thompson
  3. "Star Trek Miniatures: The Starship Enterprise" - Richard G. Van Treuren
  4. "Trek Interview: Walter Koenig"
  5. "Mr. Spock: A Personal Memoir" - Leslie Thompson
  6. "The Monsters of Star Trek" - Winslow Leach
  7. "Star Trek and Me" - Fern Lynch and Isobel Real
  8. "A Look at Leonard McCoy" - Walter Irwin
  9. "Chicago Con: A $100,000 Fan Ripoff?" - Janet Smith-Bozarth
  10. "An Evening with Gene Roddenberry, 1974" - James Van Hise
  11. "Shortcuts Through Space in Star Trek" - Mark Andrew Golding
  12. "Trek Interview: James Doohan"
  13. "The Animated Star Trek: An Analysis" - Bill Norton
  14. "The Animated Star Trek Index" - by theTrek staff
  15. "A Sampling of Trek Roundtable"
  16. "The Psychology of Mr. Spock's Popularity" - Gloria-Ann Rovelstad
  17. "The Star Trek Comic Books" - Leslie Thompson and Walter Irwin
  18. "The Trek Fan of the Month"
  19. "Gene Roddenberry: A Short Profile" - Adam Eisenberg
  20. "An Evening with Gene Roddenberry, 1977" - G.B. Love
  21. "A Look at Star Trek Fandom" - Janet Smith-Bozarth
  22. "An Evening with George Takei" - Walter Irwin
  23. "The Romulans" - Leslie Thompson
  24. "Trek Interview: Grace Lee Whitney"
  25. "Star Trek Time Travels" - James Houston (with rebuttal by Walter Irwin)
  26. "A Sampling of Trek Trivia"
  27. "An Evening with Leonard Nimoy" - James Van Hise
  28. "Star Trek Miniatures: The Other Space Ships" - Richard G. Van Treuren
  29. "Star Trek Mysteries–Solved!" - Leslie Thompson
  30. "How the Time Warp Drive Works" - Mark Andrew Golding
  31. "Trek Fan Poll Results" - Walter Irwin and G.B. Love

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Complete Starfleet Library: The Best of Trek #1

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