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Cover of The Best of Trek # 1

The Best of Trek–From the Magazine for Star Trek Fans was a compilation of articles from Trek–The Magazine for Star Trek Fans (editors: Walter Irwin and G.B. Love), numbering (at least) some eighteen volumes, published in paperback format by NAL (New American Library), a division of Penguin USA, beginning in 1978.

These books, vis-à-vis the magazine from which they originated, presented a wide assortment of articles and artwork by Star Trek fans, offering detailed perspectives on Star Trek in all of its facets, from character relationships to politics, religion, history and fan chronologies, science and technology. They also featured episode and movie reviews, interviews with Star Trek actors, production personnel and convention organizers. Occasionally fan fiction was also included.

The Best of Trek, like Trek magazine, was notable for postulating concepts which became Star Trek fanon, such as "Kazh", an early accepted fan name for the Klingon homeworld, and explanations for science and technology in the Star Trek universe. Leslie Thompson's "Star Trek Mysteries–Solved!" was a popular recurring series throughout the magazine as well as all "Best of" volumes, anticipated by many readers.

Volume #1 saw a first-run print in April 1978. Volume #18 first appeared in February 1996. Two trade-sized omnibuses were "The Best of the Best of Trek" (July 1990) and "The Best of the Best of Trek II" (June 1992).


First printing dates.
  1. The Best of Trek 1 - April 1978 (256 pages)
  2. The Best of Trek 2 - March 1980 (208 pages)
  3. The Best of Trek 3 - January 1981 (208 pages)
  4. The Best of Trek 4 - December 1981 (224 pages)
  5. The Best of Trek 5 - August 1982 (208 pages)
  6. The Best of Trek 6 - September 1983 (192 pages)
  7. The Best of Trek 7 - June 1984 (208 pages)
  8. The Best of Trek 8 - March 1985 (224 pages)
  9. The Best of Trek 9 - September 1985 (208 pages)
  10. The Best of Trek 10 - June 1986 (208 pages)
  11. The Best of Trek 11 - November 1986 (208 pages)
  12. The Best of Trek 12 - August 1987 (208 pages)
  13. The Best of Trek 13 - May 1988 (208 pages)
  14. The Best of Trek 14 - November 1988 (224 pages)
  15. The Best of Trek 15 - June 1990 (208 pages)
  16. The Best of Trek 16 - March 1991 (208 pages)
  17. The Best of Trek 17 - December 1994 (224 pages; not numbered on cover or spine)
  18. The Best of Trek 18 - February 1996 (219 pages)

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