"The Bermuda Triangle Effect" was the thirteenth episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X, and was actually three episodes in one.

The Bermuda Triangle EffectEdit

The USS Phoenix-X enters a Transwarp conduit that goes through an ion storm, which causes the ship to stop in mid Conduit. The only way to survive is through the help of the Carthaginians and a new shield technology.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Captain! Another ship has fallen into our distressing trap."
"Do you have to be so dramatic?
Armond and Daniel

Background informationEdit

  • The Lightning shields would later be destroyed in the episode "Life 2".


The Captain is given a strange jar that contains a Changeling, going by the name Shane. Shane begins to reiterate that he grew up on the Klingon vessel, the IKS Hou-Ling, most of his sentient life. Daniel allows Shane to have free-roam throughout the ship until Shane's step-father Captain Sergio approaches in the Klingon starship IKS Lou-Tzu. Shane refuses to go back, when all of a sudden, a large and strange Changeling from space breaks its way onto the Phoenix-X.

Memorable quotesEdit

"I hate jars. Now jugs, jugs are nice."

"I can't have it! You're my son, and I love you."
"Uhh, sir? You are a Klingon."
"Oh yeah. I mean--You're my son, and I'll kill you if you don't come back.
Sergio and Mesach on the viewscreen, trying to get Shane to return to them

Background informationEdit

Liquids EverywhereEdit

Through an open simulation on the holodeck, Shane and Sergio are put to test and confronted by a group of changelings called the Traveling Link.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Wait a minute.... you all travel in one body?"
"Gotta admit, it saves space.
Daniel and Shane

Background informationEdit

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