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The 11th Fleet is a collection of stories in the Star Trek: Between the Stars universe. These tales center on the officers in command of the 11th Fleet and their staff.

11th Fleet Officers Edit

  • Vice-Admiral Tattok - Commanding Officer (Roylan)
  • Commodore Valerie Markham - Executive Officer, 11th Fleet/Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Veritas (Human)
  • Commander Amber Stone - Chief of Staff, Federation Embassy on Cardassia (Human)
  • Lieutenant Commander Lanatyr ch'Dahni - Executive Assistant to Admiral Tattok (Andorian)
  • Lieutenant j.g. Adrienne Carmichael - Executive Assistant to Commodore Markham (Human)
  • Master Chief Petty Officer Wayne Hollis - Personal Security Escort of Admiral Tattok (Human)

Stories Edit

  • From the Shadows (co-authored with Jack Elmlinger and Brydon Sinclair)
  • On the Verge (co-authored with Jack Elmlinger and Brydon Sinclair)
  • Machinations (written by Jack Elmlinger)
  • Retaliation (written by Jack Elmlinger)
  • Spies, Traitors, and Secrets (written by Jack Elmlinger)
  • Bittersweet Victory (written by Jack Elmlinger)
  • Hard Truth (co-authored with Jack Elmlinger)
  • The Proposal
  • Return to Duty (written by Jack Elmlinger)

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