The USS Winchester has a bad day when they are boarded.

Log EntriesEdit

  • Captain’s log, Stardate 54678.8: The first four months as commanding officer of the Winchester have been uneventful, but fruitful. The new fighter craft have been performing admirably. The patrols have reduced the number of conflicts with unauthorized Jem'Hadar type fighters near the badlands, and has resulted in an increase of productivity in the rebuilding of Cardassia.
    — Recorded by Bernie Tyler
  • Captain’s log, supplemental: The contingency programming has been disengaged and we have full control over the Winchester. Captain Tyler and crew is in good health and have had no adverse issues from their extended time captive in the Cargo Bay.

Memorable quotesEdit

  • Break, Break. Baldwin, Effingham. Two fighters have just come into range. They’re from Winchester. Hull numbers 77004 and 77005
    Fighter 4, this is Baldwin. Report.
    “Baldwin, this is Razor. Winchester has been taken. I repeat: Winchester has been taken. The warbug's occupants beamed over as soon as Winchester was dropping shields to board the warbug.
    In other words, instead of taking a vessel, Winchester was taken.
    Affirmative. There’s been no contact with Captain Tyler. Bulldog was getting ready to remote into the computer. I don’t know what else he was planning to do.
    Reinette Hernandez, Sarah Allison, and Corey Rogers
  • It sound like Patrick has had quite the adventure.
    Johnathan Bucyrus, commenting about Baldwin's dealings with Khan
  • I am surprised that their transporters were still online. Usually, something like that will fail before weapons.

Maybe they beefed up their transporter system, or they had a special system in place specifically for this purpose. If there’s one thing I’ve learned out here, it’s that our enemies can and do resort to rather unconventional tactics.



Bucyrus, Johnathan; Bucyrus, Valerie; USS Effingham; Hernandez, Reinette; NCC-77000; NCC-77004; NCC-77005; Needleman, Amber; Rogers, Corey; Singh, Khan Noonien; Tyler, Bernie; USS Winchester;

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