Thalek was an Andorian crewman serving on the USS Excelsior. (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier)

Starfleet careerEdit

In 2378 Thalek was assigned to the USS Excelsior. He worked on recovering erased log entries on the runabout Robin Lefler, Toby Witczak, and Luko were kidnapped from by an Orion Syndicate gang. ("The Great Starship Robbery")

Brain damage sustained in an accident left him clinically depressed and permanently suicidal. the ships doctor and counselor considered retiring him on medical grounds, but in the end he remained assigned to the Excelsior. ("Coward's Death")


Thalek fences and has an unhealthy interest in knives and swords.


  • Thelik was played by Beau Christian Williams (who usually plays Artim Ibanya) in all his appearances in Hidden Frontier.

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