Thadius Rutledge was the commanding officer of the Starfleet Fourth Fleet from 2380 to 2382, and the project lead of the Horizon Project since 2381. (Star Trek: New Horizons, Star Trek: Pioneer)


Rutledge was born in Dover of Kent county, England in 2328.

Academy yearsEdit

During his Academy years he developed a taste for hot ginger tea. ("Jump")

Starfleet yearsEdit

The Horizon ProjectEdit

In 2381, Admiral Harold Anton put Rutledge in charge of the Horizon Project, a Starfleet research project based on creating a folded space drive. By 2382, the project was read for field tests, and Rutledge formerly requested the use a ship from Admiral Dustin McCloud, who leaned towards declining the request, until Admiral Anton approved it, giving Rutledge his choice of ships from the fleet. Annoyed by this, McCloud and Admiral Pavoc assigned Janice Pelar to "supervise" Rutledge handle of the new Emperor-class starship which would bare the name Horizon. ("Horizon")


While aboard the USS Horizon, Rutledge, along with the rest of the crew, became lost in an unknown part of space when the Horizon had to make a jump while under attack from Breen forces. Since the ship's commanding officer, Captain Gavin Pryce, died during the Breen attack, Rutledge promoted Commander Jack Keller to the post of commanding officer. He then asked all of the crew to "get behind and support him during this tough time." ("Jump")

Lieutenant Janice Pelar believed that Rutledge was hiding something from her and she became determined to discover it. (Crew Logs - "Worried about Rutledge")

After a series of uncontrolled jumps, as a result of the damage from the Breen attack and some unusual anomalies, the Horizon appeared in the Treelan system, where the crew met a hospitable race. During the jumps, the Horizon hit an anomaly which caused all the female crew aboard the disappeared. When the uncontrolled jumps ended, they all reappeared. Commander Keller vented his frustration over his lack of control during the situation, and Rutledge reassured him that he had done all that he could possibly do. ("Stranded")

Safe harborEdit

Along with the rest of the crew, Rutledge believed that they found a safe harbor when they encountered a mobile space station known as Sanctuary Outpost. During the ship's repair, Rutledge stayed close to Keller, ensuring that the commander made it through the crisis. ("Sanctuary")

Starfleet service recordEdit

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