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Lieutenant Teyla is the Chief Security Officer on Starbase 140. She is a Chameloid, which gives her the ability to change her appearance to any other life form.


It's not certain when she was born. Her homeworld of Geranda was assimilated by the Borg in 2368. Escaping the Borg, she made her way to Khitomer, where she was rescued by the USS Cosair. She was raised by a Vulcan crewmember Kurok. In 2376 she enrolled at Starfleet Academy


She posted on the USS Eclipse as an Security officer. She would use her abilities sparingly, as she was perceived as an introvert, and non social. In 2385 she would stand out when she broke up a Venus Drug smuggling ring on Bolara. Later that year, she would earn the respect of her Commanding officer and crew, and made Chief Security officer. In 2389 she was transferred on request of Admiral Vanessa Lucifel ro Starbase 140.


Teyla has very little contact with her crew, yet shows an affinity to other Female species.

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