Lieutenant Teya Kestrel was an Angosian Starfleet officer during the late 24th century. In 2380, she served as chief tactical officer aboard the Federation starship USS Mata Hari. During the assignment, she became the friend of Lt. Daniel Sean Bryce, her assistant chief, and nicknamed him "Blarney."

During a covert mission into Tholian space, the Mata Hari collided with a Tholian vessel and became trapped within the atmosphere of a gas giant. Kestrel was the only member of the Mata Hari's senior crew that survived long enough to be rescued by the USS Amelia Earhart.

She later died of her wounds aboard Deep Space Station K-7, as her enhanced physiology fought against the drugs that might have saved her life. Her final act was to charge Bryce with looking after the remaining Mata Hari survivors. (Junction Point).

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