Lieutenant, Junior Grade Terrence Lawford was a navigations officer aboard the USS Lexington. A genial man, Lieutenant Lawford is very popular with his female crewmates with one notable exception, Lieutenant, Junior Grade Cilla Oudekirk, who seems to have formed an instant dislike to him the moment they met. (Star Trek: Lexington (United Trek))

Early lifeEdit

Born in Oxford, England, Great Britain, Second European Union, Earth.

Educational yearsEdit

Possessed a marked affinity for mathematics.

USS LexingtonEdit

Assigned as the alpha shift navigations officer. Transferred to USS Lexington six months prior to Commodore Robert Wesley taking command of the Lexington.


Cilla OudekirkEdit

For six months Lawford has engaged in a one-sided flirtatious relationship with Lieutenant Oudekirk, with her brusquely rejecting all his overtures.

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