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Standard-issue female duty dress with three-quarter length sleeves and exposed midriff

The uniforms of the Terran Empire differed in a number of ways from those of Starfleet, generally taking a more militaristic feel. Comparisons to these uniforms can be made to past uniforms such as those of the Nazis during World War II. Terran Empire uniforms often bore more extravagant ranks and insignia.


Officers and crewmembers wore Starfleet uniforms and rank insignia similar to the counterpart universe Starfleet. The uniforms and ranks, while similar, displayed some shocking differences, such as standard sidearms (phase pistols in the 2150s and phasers from the 2160s onward), daggers, military decorations, and shoulder braces or sashes.


Some officers wore a strap connected to their belt, overlapping the wearer's shoulder. This style of belt, known as a "Sam Browne" belt in the Prime Universe, was worn widely by military officers.

Uniform erasEdit

During the 22nd century, Starfleet uniforms were based on the counterpart universe's Earth Starfleet. By 2267, the uniforms were similar to those discovered aboard the USS Defiant in 2155, but were altered to allow for some of the exceptions mentioned below. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II"; TOS: "Mirror, Mirror")

  • In 2155, the standard officer uniform was a navy blue jumpsuit with division color (red, aqua or gold) stripes at the shoulders. The insignia of the Terran Empire was worn on a patch on the right shoulder, and an assignment patch based on the posting of the officer was worn on the left shoulder. Decorations and medals were worn on the left breast and shoulder brace. Female uniforms were simpler, with a pants and top combination with the same arrangement of markings, but a bare midriff. Rank insignia were displayed on epaulets.
  • In 2267, the standard officer uniform was black trousers with a division color (red, blue or gold) tunic. The insignia of the Terran Empire was worn on the right breast, with decorations and medals on the left breast. Female uniforms were simpler, with a skirt and top combination, but a bare midriff. Rank insignia was displayed as gold braid on female uniform tops and command officer jackets and vests, and sleeve stripes for junior line officers.

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