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Terra Federation Flag

The symbol of the Terra Federation.

The Terra Federation was a faction that seceded from the United Federation of Planets and lead to the beginning of the Federation Civil War. (Star Trek: Broken Pieces)


The origin of the Terra Federation predates the Civil War, originally the founders where part of a secret faction on Earth and later in the Federation that sought power for themselves after the end of World War III. After First Contact was made, they carried out some minor Terrorist attacks, but nothing entirely substantial.

The organization Terra Prime was connected to them, but they regarded it more of a rogue faction that was playing off of the fears of Humans.

The Federation Civil WarEdit

In 2572, they uncovered information that pertained to the Restoration of Vulcan, and went public with it. They took advantage of the public outcry, and a large number of planets seceded from the Federation, forming the Terra Federation.

In 2574, the Federation formally declared war against the Terra Federation, plunging the galaxy into a Civil War that would bring in all of the major factions. The Vulcan Imperium allied itself with the Breen Confederacy, and the Breen launched an invasion of Terra Federation space, leading to a temporary ceasefire between the Terra Federation and the Federation.

With the loss of their flagship at the Battle of Draevok IV, the Terra Federation agreed to sit down for peace talks. They still remain a major power in the galaxy, but have stayed relatively quiet for the last 5 years.

Government Structure and SocietyEdit

The Terra Federation is run in essence as a Military Dictatorship, while there is a President, he is in essence a puppet of the Terra Starfleet Admiralty that is the power behind the throne. The Military is the single most powerful group within the Terra Federation, despite any belief to the contrary by the population.

Humans are considered superior to all other species, and any non-humans are basically treated as slaves. While they are allowed into the Terra Starfleet, they rarely ever get promoted past Lieutenant, and are never given commands of their own.

General InformationEdit


  • New Earth (Capital)

Disputed TerritoryEdit

  • Scintari System (Disputed with the Breen Confederacy)


  • Humans

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