"Temporal Doom! Part III" was the seventy-first episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the third and final part of a three-part episode arc, and the twenty-first episode of the third season.


When attempting a dangerous time-jump while both the Phoenix-X and USS Atlantis are tractor-beamed, both ships' Temporal drives are knocked offline. Captain Cell takes this opportunity to beam over to the Atlantis and fight Rave. Meanwhile, Kugo resets the Temporal drive in Main Engineering, allowing for one last time-jump. Unfortunately, the jump is premature and miscalculated, thus sending the Phoenix-X hurling through time toward the Guardian of Forever. The Guardian then explains that they were brought to him like a magnet for not controlling their time-jump.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Well, it’s been great talking to you, Guardian. But we have to be going now."

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