"Temporal Doom! Part II" was the seventieth episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the second part of a three-part episode arc, and the twentieth episode of the third season.


In the 29th century, the Agent Rave attempts to head Starfleet's battle against the Na'kuhl - but instead, Starfleet demands Rave return his ship, the USS Atlantis. Rave opposes and uses the Temporal drive on his ship to time-jump in escape of Starfleet's advances. The Phoenix-X time-jumps after the Atlantis in hot pursuit. The two vessels then engage in a ridiculous trek through time - constantly time-jumping from one century to the next. Meanwhile, back in the 29th century, the Vorgons time-jump in from another century to get involved with the battle between Starfleet and the Na'khul. More and more temporal incursions drive the battle to its wits end.

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"We are the Lethean, here to meet with you. You appear Federation......ish."

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