Telling is a fanfiction novella set in the sixth and seventh seasons of Star Trek : Deep Space Nine, with some sections set post-Series. It is written by Rob Morris. It is twelve chapters long, and approximately 60,000 words. It is chiefly a follow-up to the broadcast episodes 'The Valiant' and 'In The Pale Moonlight'. An ancillary but canon character from a prior Star Trek series plays a prominent role.

In the wake of the Valiant fiasco, Jake and Nog find themselves at odds after Jake writes his promised article about the incident. But Nog quickly learns he has much greater problems than this pending, as Starfleet ponders holding him responsible for actions he took, and actions he did not. As Sisko tries to defend the young man he sponsored, and heal the rift between Nog and his son, the war-weary Commander finds disturbing depths and levels to what he thought he knew, and that he may not have been as clever as he thought in certain instances. Nog's hearing is overseen by a retired Starfleet legend who knows something about living in the shadow of reflected glory - and who has an agenda better than some Admirals, but still fraught with risk. The price of both the war and daily living comes due for everyone.

Has ties to the MASH-based crossover series, 'The Never-Ending Battle', but can be read completely on its own.

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