Telepathy is the ability to read and/or to transmit to other beings' minds. This may be through images, words, phrases or other common denominators. A person with this ability is called a telepath or is said to be telepathic.

Races like the Betazoids, Vulcans, M'Tar and Na'arbi are inherently telepathic. Among humans, Kzintis and Malachorians, telepathy was rare, but not entirely unheard of.

Telepathy ability can vary from race to race and individual to individual.

  • Some telepaths can communicate freely with other races and beings.
  • Some telepaths can only communicate with members of their own or other telepathic races and beings.
  • Some telepaths can only receive information.
  • Some telepaths can communicate by touch alone.
  • Some telepaths communicate words, while others communicate phrases or images.

For example, full-blooded Betazoids can receive thoughts and feelings from almost all races, but can only transmit information amongst other Betazoids, and sometimes other telepaths and empaths.

Malachorian telepaths could communicate freely with almost any species, but, when they used their power, they had to go to sleep and be put on sedatives once awakened. (RIS Bouteina: "Tobacco Quest", Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Chronicles of Taladu")

Medical conditions affecting telepathyEdit

Kowalczyk's Syndrome was a medical condition that affected the central nervous system — particularly the paricortex — in viable hybrids of two or more telepathic species. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: "Through the Looking Glass")

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