For the mirror universe counterpart, see Tavek (mirror).

Tevek was a Vulcan member of Starfleet. (Star Trek: Eagle)


His father Sorv served briefly on the USS Kelvin as a petty officer in the early 2230s but later he would join Starfleet engineering core and would greatly affect development of future starships. Tavek’s Father would teach him much about Starfleet and with all the knowledge Tavek learned he found entering Starfleet the “logical thing to do”.

By 2266, he had reached the rank of Lieutenant and was the navigator on the USS Intrepid. Luckily for him, he was on shore leave when the ship was destroyed.

In 2269, his next post was the helmsman on the USS Eagle under Captain Zach Banner. Several weeks later, he took a leave of absence to his home world for "personal reasons".