The Star Dragon was the Romulan designation for the most powerful and versatile starship fielded by the Taurhai Unity during the 24th century. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 5: Starships of the Romulan Star Empire)

The Star Dragon consisted of of a 300 m long wedge shaped command hull. The ship's main engineering was in the command hull. The ship also had twenty-four 50 m long segments. The joints of these segments could coil and flex allowing the ship to perform unusual but effective maneuvers. The ship could separate its command hull from these segments, which in turn could be split into twelve two-segment "sub-ships".

The ship's weapons were spread over its segments so to prevent the loss of any one segment serious compromising its offensive capabilities. While well armed the Taurhai consider these ships to also be effective in exploration and science missions with it carrying a number of science laboratories and powerful sensors.

The ship was also able to undertake long duration missions due to its converter technology that performed a total matter/energy conversation. This meant the vessel could operate almost indefinitely without the need to refuel.

As with all Taurhai ships it used the advanced gravity induction drive for interstellar travel. It was capable of travelling a maximum distance of 2 light years per jump at the speed of 24 light years per minute.