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Taskforce Equinox (abbreviated TFE) is an RPG sim group founded August 31, 2011, by TFEDocWinters after requiring a hub for the various sims he had created.

Currently TFE has five sims, three of which are Star Trek related, (of which two are mirror universe) and three of other science fiction/anime franchises, all sims in TFE are based on the NOVA system.

Founding simsEdit

Current SimsEdit

Star TrekEdit

  • USS Nautilus (Post-Dominion War era)
  • ISS Vanguard (DS9-era)
  • ISS Indepedence (DS9-era)
  • Starbase Pitcairn (sim) (Post-Dominion War era)

Non Star Trek simsEdit

  • 405th ODST Regiment "Helljumpers" (Post Halo 3, relaunch of UNSC Beyond Heaven's Reach)
  • FullMetal Alchemist: Aftermath (Post FMAB)


The name Taskforce Equinox comes from the first ship commanded by Fleet founder TFEDocWinters, who still owns the domain used as the fleet, but when the TFE USS Equinox sim folded in 2004 the site ceased to be used.

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Taskforce Equinox main site

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