Task Force Zeta was a Starfleet task force in the late 24th century, led by the USS Zephyra, commanded by Captain Aeris, only assembled for specific missions. Its home port was Starbase 78. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)



In 2390, several divergent-Hirogen initiated random attacks on Starfleet ships, including the task force's lead ship, at the time, the USS Xena. The Xena was destroyed during this time as well as the USS Rune. The USS Atlantis and USS Ixion, however, only received damage. Shortly after, the Rune was relaunched as a Luna-class starship and Captain Aeris' ship, the Xena, was relaunched as the Sovereign-class USS Zephyra. ("Into Harshness")


Uss zephyra2390 Shark copy USS Ixion Atlantis1

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