The Tareus IV shipyards

The Tareus IV shipyards were massive Romulan shipyards in orbit over Tareus IV who comprised seven drydocks capable of building Norexan-class ships, as well as five drydocks capable of building the D'deridex-class starships. It was there that the RIS Bouteina was built. (RIS Bouteina: "Marianela")


The first known appearance of the Tareus IV shipyards, as well as the planet around which it was built, is in an internal memo of a Star Trek Online fleet, the Imperial Romulan Fleet, of which the RIS Bouteina writer was an enarrain at the time of the series' production, despite the writer not playing the game. Said fleet was started as a gaming guild who was a platform for Romulan-oriented players of Star Trek video games.

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