Tareus IV is a frozen planet in Romulan space. It is a Class P world, over which the Tareus IV shipyards are located. (RIS Bouteina)

Astronomical DataEdit

Location Edit

Name(s) Edit

  • Tareus IV

Moon(s) Edit

  • None

Further Information Edit

Geographical Edit

Mostly frozen wastelands but it was a planet where duranium and tritanium was mined.

Also, the Pac-Men maintained an embassy on the planet, which was the largest pizzeria on the planet. In addition, many fast-food restaurants were built on the planet, giving rise to the Super Size Me holoprogram.

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The first known appearance of Tareus IV, as well as its related shipyards, is in an internal memo of a Star Trek Online fleet, the Imperial Romulan Fleet, of which the RIS Bouteina writer was an enarrain, despite the writer not playing the game. Said fleet was started as a gaming guild who was a platform for Romulan-oriented players of Star Trek video games.

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