Tales of the Kobayashi Maru: Jrrreshar's Story is a fan-fiction story, by Rahadyan Sastrowardoyo, set in the late 2290s. It is set in the continuities of both Star Trek: Malverne and Star Trek: Avenger.

Mark Castanaveras, a young medical officer, is temporarily assigned as part of a bridge simulator crew while J'rrreshar -- one of the first Gorn at Starfleet Academy's Command School -- takes the Kobayashi Maru exam.

Problem: Castanaveras was a native of Cestus III and lost many family members to the Gorn when one of their ships attacked the then-fledgling colony. How can he remain impartial and still judge the Gorn officer fairly? Or should he reveal his biases and risk being thrown out of Starfleet?

Meanwhile, the rest of the simulator crew deals with similar apprehensions -- and J'rrreshar responds to the challenges of the scenario...


The author wrote this story as his "thesis" (a 300 level course) for the Alien Studies program on the Gorn species and culture at Starfleet International's Starfleet Academy in 2010.

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