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A list of characters in the webcomic TOSS.

USS Mumbai personnelEdit


Male human officer. Plays cricket, eats Vulcan p'tah beans.

John bet-OrlekEdit

see John bet-Orlek

Anastasia Cheung Edit

Female human mechanic.



See Devjinder Null


A male, four-horned Carnelian mechanic. He is still young enough to be interested in the strange customs of human beings. (TOSS #10 "Cake")

Carneleians are a species made up for this strip.

Tadahiro Honda Edit

Male human mechanic, Hiro to his friends.

Mrrmr Edit

A male Caitian mechanic.


A male, two-horned Carnelian officer. Plays cricket.

Like Hamlet, he is named after a character in Shakespeare: in this case, one of the fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream.



See Root


A vedalan male, Lieutenant Commander Ruh is chief science officer of the Mumbai. (TOSS #37 "Wrong Uniform")


A human woman and junior lieutenant in the science division; Dev's cabinmate. (TOSS #4 "Officers' Mess", #9 "Dreams of Flying")

Named after Vikram Sarabhai, father of the Indian space programme.

Farid SinghEdit

A human male and lieutenant in the engineering division; the second engineer (assistant chief engineer) on the USS Mumbai. (TOSS #23 "Linear Warp Drive", #29 "Bottom-Up")

Sumita 9Edit

A human female and chief petty officer in the engineering division. (TOSS #27 "Two Pins", #28 "Rec Room")


Swooth th'ThellikEdit

An Andorian who teases bet-Orlek for acting too much like an Earthling. (TOSS #15 "Earth Humour")


Male human chief engineer of the Mumbai. (TOSS #12 "Environmental Systems", #13 "It's Just A Sim")


Nan VenustraEdit

Male Andorian officer. Plays cricket. (TOSS #6 "Nets")

Magda VinokurovEdit

Female human mechanic. She wears her blond hair in a fashionable chignon.

Named after Kazakh cyclist Alexander Vinokourov.


See Wheel

Zhou KapingEdit

A male human engineering lieutenant, and third engineer (= second assistant chief engineer) on the Mumbai. During a simulated warp core breach, he ignored advice from Root and got them blown up as a result. (TOSS #12 "Environmental Systems", #13 "It's Just A Sim")

Pingmei ZhouEdit

Captain of the Mumbai. A human woman of Chinese descent, she has a cocktail bar in her quarters and was once (circa 2240) Christopher Pike's commanding officer. (TOSS #16 "Cocktails", #20 "Transporter Room")


ThorshkukJini zh'Thresh Edit

Female Andorian junior officer. Known as Jini. Plays cricket and affects to be confused by human cultural terms. (TOSS #4 "Officers' Mess", #6 "Nets")

USS Prospero personnelEdit


A male felinoid sharing the role of chief engineer with Ember and Smoke. (TOSS #39 "Docking Tube")

Gay BoomgaardenEdit

A female human, third officer with rank lieutenant. (TOSS #41 "The Rescuers")


A male felinoid sharing the role of chief engineer with Ash and Smoke. (TOSS #39 "Docking Tube")


A male felinoid sharing the role of chief engineer with Ash and Ember. (TOSS #39 "Docking Tube")

External linksEdit

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