For the mirror universe counterpart, see T'Pol (mirror).

T'Pol was a vulcan who served as the first officer and science officer of the Enterprise in the 22nd century. Formerly an officer of the Vulcan High Command, T'Pol was the first vulcan to serve aboard a human vessel for a significant period of time. (Star Trek: Enterprise)

Fan continuitiesEdit

Star Trek is...Edit

Captain T'Pol later served as the commanding officer of the SS Yorktown from 2164 to 2172.

Star Trek: OdysseyEdit

In 2380, the USS Alexandria encountered a tear in the space-time continuum that sent the ship back in time to an alternate 2165, where they encountered the Enterprise (NX-01) commanded by Trip Tucker. T'Pol was among the Enterprise's crew they encountered. (Star Trek: Odyssey (fan fiction): "Eve of Twilight")

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