For other uses, see T'Kel.

T'Kel was a female Vulcan who served in Starfleet during the 24th century. (Eighth Fleet RPG)


Logical as all Vulcans, yet with a very compassionate manner. In studying how other species think and perceive she grew to understand the value and importance other sentients place on emotions. Applying logic to this, she found that emotional well being is crucial for the well being of all known sentient non-Vulcans. To this end, it's really only logical to cultivate a pattern of outward behavior that seems more like theirs, and to help them in handling the more difficult of the emotional conflicts they often have. Like any good therapist, she helps her patients by guiding them through figuring out their problems themselves, via the primary tools of listening objectively and providing a fresh objective perspective. Additionally, when a situation calls for more, she will mind meld with willing patients, to guide them more directly in finding solutions to their emotional problems and other psychological ones. She really does value others and find importance in their mental and emotional well being, though she does it logically, and like almost all Vulcans does her best to not be emotionally invested.

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