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Syre is an Andorian serving as the the second officer of the USS Constance starting in 2409 (Star Trek: Constance).

On Andoria and the AcademyEdit

Syre was born on Andoria to a family that has served mostly in the marines, but Syre chose instead to enter Starfleet Academy to become an officer. Having proven himself early on, he would go on to serve on several ships before becoming second officer on board the Constance.

On board the ConstanceEdit

Syre first served under Captain Nelson, starting several months before Rachel Covaks and others transferred on board. When the Constance was called to Vega colony, he stayed on board while Commander Covaks took an away team to the USS Kithomer, he barely escaped the Borg that had killed Captain Nelson, and lead the counter-attack that finally drove them off the ship before Rachel returned.

He appeared briefly in chapter two, playing a Poker game that he subsequently lost to Counselor Reana Corbell.

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