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Svenquist O'Shea was a 23rd century Human and commanding officer of the USS Starhaven in the fan fiction series Star Trek: The Animated Voyages.

"A homecoming - that's the best way to describe setting foot on this new ship. Sure, three days ago was the first time I'd actually been aboard, but there's just something special about the Constitution-class starships that can make one feel right at home" (Star Trek: The Animated Voyages Issue 1).

Connection to TASEdit

First seen in the television episode, The Pirates of Orion, O'Shea took command of the USS Starhaven soon after, describing his arrival on the new ship as a homecoming. With only minutes on screen in the televised episode, his lead role in The Animated Voyages allows for greater exploration of his character.

Aboard the StarhavenEdit

Throughout the initial story arc of The Animated Voyages, O'Shea proved himself to be a competent commander demonstrating the ideals of the best of Humanity.

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