Lieutenant Commander Susan Mirsky is the Chief of Engineering aboard the USS Hathaway under the command of Captain Jeffery Pierce. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

Early life and careerEdit

Susan Mirsky was born in Pskov, Russia, on Earth in 2248. Not long after her birth her family moved to Bradbury, Mars where she grew up.

Memorable quotesEdit

"If transwarp wasn't such a big deal right now, this would be getting all the press." ("Genesis")


Background informationEdit

  • The Mirsky character was originally portrayed by Kristin Walton and she appears in the first version of the first USS Hathaway trailer. The role was recast due to her availability at the time. Recently Kristin has rejoined the team and will be utilized in a different role.
  • Actress Brandy Seymour was originally part of the Star Trek: Lexington fan film. When the fanfilm moved out of state Seymour no longer had the role. Exec. Producer of Star Trek: USS Hathaway, Brad Hathaway, had visited the Lexington group on a few occasions and was impressed with Seymour. When the role of Mirsky needed recast she was the first person to be contacted and she accepted.

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