Doctor Susan Cardinell, MD, was the chief medical officer of the USS Voyeur. She was brought to the ship after an Emergency Medical Holographic program malfunction forced Starfleet Command to recall the Voyeur's EMH. When the Voyeur's captain was cashiered, she became the ship's first officer. (RIS Bouteina: "Marianela")

Her Starfleet lifeEdit

She served, until 2378, aboard the USS Bismarck as a medic and later as the chief medical officer. She noticed that she preferred her life aboard the Voyeur because the Voyeur's captain was not as misogynous as the captain of the Bismarck and also because Yvan seemed to see women beyond the box. The only Romulans she seemed to trust were medics. Pazzo fell in love with her, even ready to temporarily take the place of the Voyeur's CMO while the funeral of Leeroy Jenkins took place. ("Marianela")

Service recordEdit

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